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Drake Well, Oil Creek Township


Replica of the Drake Well, just south of Titusville, Pennsylvania, on Oil Creek. The well is almost emblematic with the birth of the petroleum industry in North America. Colonel Edwin Drake brought-in the well probably on Saturday 27 August 1858, at a place known as Watson Flats. This heralded the beginning of the petroleum industry and about 10 years of oil activity in the Oil Creek valley and vicinity the likes of which has seldom been matched anywhere in North America. Almost all our eight Fleming-line ancestral lines lived in the area. For example, of the three sons of James and Sarah (Park) Henderson, Richard settle in present-day Southwest Township, Warren County, about five miles northeast of the Well. Samuel settled a couple miles north of Titusville in Crawford County, believed to be in an area drained by a stream aptly named Henderson Run. David, the youngest son, settled in the Pleasantville, Venango County, area, about four miles southeast of Drake Well.



of mainly Venango, Warren and Forest Counties



Their descent from

James and Sarah (Park) Henderson
Mifflin County and Venango County, Pennsylvania


To Helen (McGuire) Palmer (1909-)
and to the memory of
Olive (Hedges) Peters (1925-1997)

Hugh F. Clifford

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Last update: 23 August 2010


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